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Melanie Turner for Algonkian District School Board

 Melanie Turner is a parent and community activist who cares about the quality of life in Loudoun County, including the educational opportunities available to our students. Schools are the centerpiece of our communities and as someone who has worked hard to provide for the  needs of the community through charity, Melanie understands its diverse needs. It is her mission to ensure our schools are held to the highest standards in providing for students in the community she works so hard for.  

As Loudoun continues to grow, we face challenges of overcrowding, issues with teacher and support talent acquisition and retention and a growing need for STEM courses at all levels to meet the needs of our children. Melanie, if elected, will lobby for STEM programs and vocational programs to push Loudoun Schools to provide the best opportunities in  for our children. By providing exceptional academics, vocational programs, arts, athletics, and other extracurricular activities it will provide more opportunities for our students to prepare for the challenges of college and/or future careers.

Accountability and Transparency

These go hand in hand to build trust in LCPS leadership. Residents should know their money is being spent wisely and be able understand how their tax dollars are being put to use. 

School Safety

Melanie believes that safety must be a matter of priority and continued discussion in which we listen to concerns and constantly improve procedures. In addition to secure buildings and trained first responders, LCPS needs policies and tools that effectively reinforce safe boundaries for staff and students. 

The complex threats our students face today from violence, substance abuse, suicide, depression and anxiety are issues we cannot ignore. Melanie will focus on implementing policies that don’t that unfairly burden students, parents, teachers and provide solutions to the challenges faced in our schools.

Inform and Empower 

Parents should know that their concerns and values are respected and input is encouraged. Melanie values the input of concerned citizens, LCPS employees and educators in facilitating transparency in the school system and pushing competitive academic programming. 


On November 5th, elect Melanie Turner for School Board


The Platform


Serving The Community

Your candidate has been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place through her charitable works.


United By A Common Goal

Melanie knows the value education plays in the lives of our children. That's why she's running for this position. Help her help you.


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